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Is it worth having a power of attorney?

From Katie White Without a registered LPA hardly anyone would deal with me when I was trying to sort my mother’s affairs out when the dementia had got the better of her. Certainly none of the banks or building societies, HMRC, etc., they had to have a certified copy of the LPA before they’d even […]

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10 things you should know about the benefits of a Property Protective Trusts

At Approved Wills we like to be open and transparent with ensuring you get the best for your family and that is what has made us one of the most trusted life & estate planning service in Birmingham. having a Property Protective Trust will save you and your family a lot of stress and pain. […]

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Understanding the importance of Will Writing Services

It is important for you to make a will because if you do not, and die without a will, the law on intestacy decides what happens to your property. A will can ensure that proper arrangements are made for your dependants and that your property is distributed in the way you wish after you die, […]

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