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Get peace of mind with a pre-paid funeral plan

Approved Wills helps people across Birmingham put plans in place for when they pass away. Contact us today to discuss the options available.


Would your family have at least £3,500 immediately available today for your funeral?

Beat the rising cost of funerals with a pre-paid plan

The cost of funerals is rising dramatically and the allowances from the government to assist bereaved families often don't come close to covering the true cost of a burial or cremation. By purchasing your plan today, the cost will be covered at today's prices and your family won't have extra stress at an already difficult time.

Why have a prepaid funeral plan?

A plan like this means your family won't have to:

  • Decide on a burial or cremation

  • Bear the costs

  • Wade through funeral choices

Flexible plans to meet your needs

Approved Wills will work with you to match you to a funeral plan provider that meets your exact needs. One of the larger prepaid providers we work with, Safe Hands, has a series of flexible payment plans (especially for the over-50s) and some other attractive advantages. One such advantage is that if there is a plan for the husband only, but the wife dies first, then the plan can be switched. Apart from everything else a funeral plan is a good investment the cost of which can be spread over a number of years.


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