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Probate and Estate Administration

Would You Know What To Do When a Family Member Dies?

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Dealing with a death within the family is one of the most traumatic experiences we have to go through in life then having to sort through their affairs at a time when you are grieving probate and estate administration can prove to be too much for most people here are just a few of the things you need to deal with:
Probate and Estate Administration
Registering the death
Finding the Will
Arranging the Funeral
Paying for the Funeral
Clearing Bank Accounts and debts
Distributing the estate correctly and dealing with HMRC

So How Can We Help?

It makes sense to appoint Approved Wills and our partners Kings Court Trust who are experts in this field together we have the expertise and the knowledge to administer even the most complicated estates.

We provide easy to understand advice on what to do when someone dies
We will clearly explain the legal process and help you understand your options
You can choose from our range of services designed to suit your needs or budget
We provide a fixed price quote so you know exactly what the cost will be with No hourly rates or percentages involved
Obtaining Probate

Obtaining the grant of probate involves completing the probate application, dealing with all tax elements of the estate and ensuring HMRC compliance

Valuing Assets and Paying Debts

We contact all asset holders to obtain the necessary valuations to comply with HMRC requirements. We will also contact any organisation or company to whom the deceased may have owed money and obtain the balances outstanding.

Tax Settlement

Every estate requires an inheritance tax and income tax form to be submitted to HMRC, regardless of whether or not the estate is liable to inheritance tax. Our specialist tax team will lease with HMRC and deal with any tax related issues. This includes inheritance tax, transferable allowances, income tax, capital gains tax etc.

Legal Work

Our experienced legal team will undertake the necessary legal and trust work needed as part of the estate administration process including

Dealing with all nill rate band discretionary trust
Drafting the oath and putting together supporting documentation for the probate application
Preparing a deed of variation
Setting up a property trust


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