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Professional Will Writing Service in Sutton Coldfield & Birmingham

Do I Need A Professional Will Writing Service!

Almost Certainly you do

Cheap do it yourself Will writing kits are readily available however a one to one with a trained  expert Will writer can save your grieving family a lot of time and heart ache when trying to unravel a poorly constructed Will.  An experienced Will writer will raise issues you would rarely consider if at all  and give you the opportunity to address them in advance.  And he/she can very probably save a substantial part of your estate which might otherwise be lost to Inheritence Tax or CareHome fees.

Many people assume that if they die without a Will, their partner will inherit everything.  In fact even if your are married or in a civil partnership there are limits on what your spouse can inherit in the absence of a Will.  Instead the Intestacy rules apply and the Law decides who amongst your family will benefit from your hard work and successes there is in fact a “pecking order” as set down by Section 46 of the administration of Estates Act 1925.

And have you considered who would look after a minor or disadvantaged children on the death of the second parent?

When engaging our Will Writing Services you will ensure that your estate stays in your bloodline, avoiding ‘sideways dis inheritance” whereby the survivng partner remarries and their new Spouse and any children they may have now inherits from them and if you were to die before the new spouse then there are no guarantees that the children from your fist marriage will inherit anything.

Your personal and financial circumstances can change, so it is wise to review your Will regularly


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